When Summer Days Were Endless
the artwork of Michele Heather Pollock
Based on my original poem:
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Summer days were endless. We braided each otherís hair,
unaware of minor regrets, the possibility of going gray.
One privilege of girlhood is this complete
disregard for the passing and pressing of time.

We upset birdsí nests without contemplating
the meaning of the broken eggs. We broke each otherís
hearts a little without diminishing love. One privilege
of girlhood is the perfect clean slate of each new day.

We stripped down naked and wore each otherís clothes.
We touched the smooth skin of each otherís faces
without considering the touching. One privilege
of girlhood is the unbelievable sweetness of holding hands.

For hours we did nothing but lie in the grass.
One privilege of girlhood is this boredom:
Life has no limits. Summer days will never end.
No one ever dies young or fails at love.